About the School

Durga Prasad Saraf Vidyapeeth is one of the renowned schools in Odisha committed to prepare for the 21st century by imparting quality education. It is now an educational hub where teaching is joy and learning is delight in a stress free child centred learning environment. With this noble aim of providing quality education under the aegis of Durga Prasad Saraf Educational Society Durga Prasad Saraf Vidyapeeth came into existence in the year 1983. Being at the forefront of educational revolution far reaching the nation the society prides itself for its strong foundation built on values traditions & cordial relationships. With over thousands young mass produced from this institution are now placed at high ranks rendering the best of their services across the nation & abroad. D P S Vidyapeeth is committed to continue and to move forward in its pursuit for excellence by providing different flight plans for takeoff.

Vision of Institution

To continue expanding and exploring to be a knowledge leader & content provider globally. To create a conducive climate of trust and love where each child is valued as an individual, is helped to develop a sense of his and her own worth and is aware of the contribution he and she can make to the society in which he and she lives. To foster loyalty, mutual respect and respect for all mankind. To foster respect for environment. To enable our pupils to become good citizens. To encourage parents to support the educational efforts of the school and to utilise the structures offered to ensure positive parental involvement. To encourage close partnership with parents, management and clergy in order to ensure that the aims of the school are achieved.

Mission of Institution

To develop leaders of the 21st century, we believe that excellence alone is the hallmark of competence & achievements. To provide a wide range of holistic education by homogenising the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian Culture moorings. To develop individuals who are morally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced, physically well-developed and culturally accomplished. To sensitise individuals towards social welfare. To nurture creative and resourceful minds who think big, think fast and think ahead, who care for the nation and the weaker sections of society, and are imbued with humanistic passions and values.